Based in Kincumber, on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Tukka Time Catering has grown to encompass four business components, Home delivered fresh meals, Waterford Cafe, Function Catering and recently, Jans Gourmet which specialises in home delivered Frozen meals. Please browse through our website and feel free to contact us if we can be of service to you.  

Corona Virus Update 27th March

We are still delivering meals

Dear Valued Client,

Firstly, may I thank all of those clients who left out eskies, menus etc. when I delivered yesterday – it was great to see that you are all taking the Corona virus seriously and protecting Myself and Jan, and more importantly, YOURSELF by taking a few simple steps to prevent the transfer of the Corona Virus. Please remember, your well-being is of the utmost importance to us and we will not compromise in our efforts to keep you safe and healthy, so once again a big thank you! We realise that many customers are frail and are unable to leave out eskies etc. in which case we will take the necessary steps to prevent close contact, and will use Personal Protection Equipment to avoid potential transfer of virus.

Further to my recent notice regarding our action plan in regard to operating our business during these very challenging times, I thought it appropriate to update you with the latest developments at Tukka Time.

As all of our customers would be considered ‘high risk’ in regard to the corona virus, after much deliberation we reconsidered our previous plan and have taken the following actions:-

  • Considering the risk to our clients Tukka Time is currently Myself & Jan only, we considered it a prudent decision to minimise our potential exposure to the virus from other staff members as unfortunately, without either of us the business would simply be too difficult to manage.
  •  We took the pre-emptive action of temporarily closing our café last week in anticipation of the government action shutting down cafes etc. Operating a café once again would expose us to potential virus exposure by having close contact with numerous customers
  • Understandably, our function catering bookings have been reduced to zero and we will not re-commence this part of our business until we are confident that we have the capacity to continue with function work
  •  We have limited the collection of ‘Jan’s Frozen’ meals, now only being available between 12 noon and 2 p.m. Monday & Tuesday, however as of April 6th this service will only be available on Monday between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. We have initiated a strict protocol when collecting meals with ‘Stop Points’ marked on the floor and ‘In & Out’ Doors to maintain correct Social Distancing. We implore all customers to be respectful of this when collecting meals. We are still very pleased to offer home delivery for this component of our service.
  •  Our fresh meal service is still very much operational as many of our regulars would know, however we are not currently ‘taking on’ any new customers other than those on ‘Health Care Packages’ with our corporate clients.
  •  You will note that in coming weeks we will be temporarily taking away a couple of menu choices to ease the workload until the corona virus ‘pandemic’ eases.
  • Our Supply chain is still working fairly well – unfortunately many prices have gone through the roof such as broccoli ($90 a box wholesale, Cauliflower $12 each) where prices have risen so dramatically we will discontinue using such products. Please note, unlike many other businesses, We WILL NOT be increasing our prices.
  •  We will be maintaining a safe distance from our customers along with wearing face masks, disposable gloves and hand sanitising between deliveries
  •  Please remember to continue to leave out your eskies/cooler bags with menu & payments prior to our delivery we will happily converse with you through your flyscreens whilst maintaining a safe working distance.
  • We are both ‘semi’ self isolating from family and friends to maintain our health, however once again I would remind customers that should myself or Jan contract the corona virus we will immediately suspend our service subject to medical advice, should this occur we will simply hold current orders until we return – in any event we will endeavour to contact all customers by telephone along with posting information on our website and Facebook page.
  •  As always, in fast changing situations like this we will always monitor and follow Government rules & regulations and accordingly if this requires suspending our service then we will have no alternative but to do so.
  •  Finally, we really appreciate your continued support and kind messages, it really means a lot to us, we have every intention of continuing on with our business unless external circumstances prevent us from doing so. 

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