Tukka Time Catering - Home style meals fresh or frozen to your door!

Our Meals
Our Meals are cooked Fresh and then ‘Blast Chilled’ – NOT FROZEN, this ensures that our meals will keep for up to 5 days if kept in your refrigerator. For best results, we recommend re-heating your meal in a normal domestic oven, however your meal can just as easily be ‘micro-waved’. Please refrigerate your meal immediately upon delivery. If you are not going to consume your meal within the use by date, we suggest you freeze your meal for consumption within three months. If frozen, De-frost your meal in your refrigerator before re-heating.  
Ordering a meal 

We accept telephone orders: 
0414721357 - 0420969357
email orders:

or regular customers can place their orders with our delivery team in person.

 We accept Cheque, Cash, Direct deposit and Eftpos / Credit card payments - (Surcharge applies for all credit and Eftpos payments)
We deliver to most Lower Central Coast suburbs.

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